About Aylesbury

Aylesbury is a historic market town located in Buckinghamshire, England. It is situated approximately 40 miles northwest of London, 20 miles southeast of Oxford, and 15 miles southwest of Milton Keynes. As the county town of Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury serves as an administrative and cultural center for the region. The town is easily accessible via major road networks, including the A41 and A418, and it has regular train services connecting it to London and other nearby cities.

Aylesbury’s central location in the picturesque Vale of Aylesbury makes it an important hub for the surrounding rural communities.

What is Aylesbury best known for?

Aylesbury is best known for several key aspects:

  1. Historic Market Town: Aylesbury has a long history as a market town, dating back to Anglo-Saxon times. Its traditional market square remains a bustling hub for local commerce, hosting regular markets that attract both locals and visitors.
  2. County Town of Buckinghamshire: As the administrative center of Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury plays a crucial role in the county’s governance and public services.
  3. Aylesbury Duck: The town is famously associated with the Aylesbury duck, a breed known for its distinctive white plumage and high-quality meat. This breed was historically a significant part of the local economy.
  4. St. Mary’s Church: This historic church is a key landmark in Aylesbury, known for its architectural beauty and historical significance. Dating back to the 13th century, it stands as a testament to the town’s rich heritage.
  5. Roald Dahl Connections: The famous author Roald Dahl lived nearby in Great Missenden, and Aylesbury has several connections to his legacy. The Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery at the Buckinghamshire County Museum in Aylesbury is a popular attraction for fans of his work.
  6. Aylesbury Waterside Theatre: A modern, state-of-the-art theater that hosts a variety of performances, from West End productions to live music and comedy, making it a cultural centerpiece for the town.
  7. Historic Buildings and Architecture: Aylesbury is home to numerous historic buildings, including the King’s Head Inn, one of the oldest public houses in England, and the Old County Hall, an architectural gem.
  8. Educational Institutions: The town has several notable educational institutions, including the Aylesbury Grammar School, which has a long and prestigious history dating back to its founding in 1598.
  9. Green Spaces and Parks: Aylesbury boasts beautiful parks and green spaces, such as Vale Park and the nearby Chiltern Hills, providing residents and visitors with ample opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.

These elements collectively highlight Aylesbury’s unique blend of historical charm, cultural significance, and modern amenities, making it a notable and attractive destination in Buckinghamshire.